Financial breakthrough

Lord thank you for your Miracle today of my sister and brother in law providing me a gift card for groceries. Lord thank you for my mother in law providing me the financial support to pay for my husband and I mortgage this month. Lord thank you for the financial support from my mom for groceries, and daycare. Lord thank you from my sister in law and brother in law for the financial support for paying for the kids to go to summer camp while I work. Lord I ask you continue to watch over my husband Marc and perform a miracle and remove all of his addictions and behaviors that go with his addictions. Lord you are the one true doctor and healer please help him. Please help me with my defects and sins. Lord watch over our young sons and protect them. Lord help me to find additional work to help support our family. Please Lord help to have the strength to work more, and for me to have faith to accept your will not my will. Lord help me to be more grateful, patient and loving to all my loved ones, family, my sons, husband, co workers and friends.