yes I need prayer this malicious ex sister-in-law she child abducted my three younger children she’s the second time she does that reported her so please pray I still don’t know they’re going to do something about it but I am just terrified of the situation as my youngest daughter came being disrespectful toward me and I noticed that is when she separated for me she comes back being disrespectful and I’m not divorced so I’m just being single and I’m not going to say I’m I’m in a vocational Ministry it’s my top priority so she does that with her Facebook post I don’t know how she does that but she manages to her brother to take the children to her I’m getting fed up with her and I feel so violated of my and it hurts my children they come back being disrespectful and I just feel this bad air they come with where they’ve been with them ex-laws they’re no good people really live terrorize me and they’ve bullied me and try to control my life and control my brother my brother needs freedom from his side of the family because something happened that is terrible and I pray that he just be free from that woman he’s he’s with so please pray for him too to have freedom from my ex-spouse-in-laws there’s a long history of them our land needs freedom from these people so I worried sick about my child being abused during this time cuz it was I don’t know how many days it was it was more than one day and one time it was 2 months and it was crazy this woman lies a lot she tried to lie that her as a family relative in the government and their immigrants they can’t she tried to lie to my oldest daughter and lied to me that she was part of CPS that she can’t no she doesn’t work for CPS anyway all this cause a lot of legal problems because what ended up happening and they investigated me so I realized that when she does that things bad things happen to me like that that’s how she lived in this one something that I noticed early on and I was having trouble getting articulate that quite fast enough so I got caught up in this relationship so I just need freedom from that I don’t want I’m a working professional I don’t want to be in like in a bad relationship that’s going to take away from who I am so this ex sister-in-law she didn’t do much to stay at home and she’s just trying to like feed out of my knowledge and feed out of my my skills and ability it’s not like that if it’s it’s terrible it’s like oppression I feel the spiritual oppression so I need freedom from these people so to my children my children are good kids when they’re consistently with me but when they go over there I feel that they are they are put against me so please pray for us my children and I and grandchild free and from the spouse malicious spouse and ex-in-laws to these are ex-in-laws I ain’t freedom of God oh Lord have mercy amen