I am praying for a partner.    A partner that will.  Stay. That’ll love me and   I am single mom. And prayers for. Devine helpers. Devine friendships.   I am tired of my firends. They.   Call and hang out with me when it’s convenient to them.  They use me  as if I am.   A do they lie. They.   Give false informations they use they.  Tell lies they make up  stories. They.   Don’t. See there wrongs  they don’t see that they hurt me.  They. Give. Problems more  then they help.   Or support. They. Make dramas. Lies. They laugh they.     Make Me fel small.  They   are worshiping two gods. They   give   false gifts. They.  All about themsleves.     They. Don’t know how to love themselves.    They bring.  False hopes  negativity.  There stuck in there ways. Stuck  they make up. Things to just safe there own.  Butts  they lie. To each other and to themsleves there girls and boyfriends. Jealousy.   They can’t be truthful.    They make plans.  And ignore me  they  they’ll believe manipulations.  There. Indian givers they are lost in lust   the. Give   make believe words they  don’t. Know how to respect my house or me  or my kids. They  rather hang out. With people who got more they make fun of me. They gossip they make fun of my kids father they put me down.  They. Give false hopes.   They make.  Hurtful  jokes   they think they know everything. But they don’t I don’t even know everything they tell me how should I do this and that  they.    They lie. They mis use words. They  twist things around.   They use  excuses it’s ok for them to heal and all  they rush me to heal. I gotta ask them to hang out.  They make me look like the bad guy in al this.  My mom is the same way.    My children father dad they one sided. They.   Don’t help. Or support the right way. They all.  One sided. All tell em what to do but they don’t help   they gossip lie they. Are. Lost as well  they. Make fun  they throw things in my face what they done for me.  They give. Bad reputation they get mad when things don’t go there way  they.    Think I Wana be with there. Husbands and girls friends hat’s not true at all   I want god t show them teach. Them.    Guide them.  And. Or them to be honest with there girl. Wife’s ect.  I am upset and.   I love my friends old and new friendships but. I don’t. Want  them to find them.  A better wife’s husband and girlfriends and boyfriends  there in the wrong rationshios toxic.   Friendships.  Toxic relationships. Toxic life styles.     As well as my children  father.  Friends. Amen pray so that God can   have control of this situation. Thank you