I am requesting prayer for safety and prot. for my son and I. All of my req. be gra, ths today hunds today and daily and alwasy and forever and all instants and passi, and to the max and keep up and all ben. and all cash ben. and gcds and to the max and be very happy and have fun and max pp gen and stay free hote hous all wk money and all gd and all lg and stay legal and I enjoy it all for lapts and do 16-24 hrs and ect and sleep good no harm to my son and I and exc h and yng fame riches for us to enjoy for all for us to enjoY ad like for bea, st gen all goods and we stay free wm ect.hot fresh clean fd and bev. I get my dl new car ecx cred P.Io box money 0beauy aut and all goods b cast all good and happy clean safe rich huge hms b rel ect vr very happy fresh cl chit health for and healing and my son also. I keep all of my gds and pls    BQ, Qb for and always I find all of my goods!

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