Chronic Canker Sore Sufferer , Depression Sufferer

Please pray for me to heal from pain . I am also grieving the loss of a parent who I was very close with . My goal is to improve my entire spiritual and physical well being . I have had constant dental issues my whole life but I am thankful I have my teeth . I want to be healed from inflamed gums also  .I have a disability .  I have also had depression which is very difficult to manage but I need prayers that I will be successful with all my coping tools , and be successful with relationships , especially with my mom and all my family and friends , and life .  I am in school and my dad’s funeral may temporarily interrupt my studies . I hope I will be able to do both . I am praying that my apartment’s hot water issue will be fixed and that I will be very happy here . So far I am surrounded by nice people . I am also taking care of my beloved kitty and I am hoping a friend will watch her while I am away on a trip . I also need prayers  for relief from seasonal depression through rainy weather . I hope I will find the perfect home to live in some day . Thanks so much for praying . Please pray for my family and Dad who has passed on . I am so thrilled I shared scriptures with him . Thank you so much for praying . 

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