Looking for a Book for a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome?

Celebrate Autism awareness by purchasing a copy of Sir Luke: An Aspergian Tale!

Sir Luke may be just like you or your loved one; reluctant to change. He likes everything the same every single day. Until he is faced with the unexpected and finds himself enjoying an adventure into something new.

You can purchase Sir Luke: An Aspergian Tale here or visit jmkiss.com for more information and merchandise. Each book will come personally autographed by J.M. Kiss and inscribed to whoever you specify. Even Sir Luke himself will sign your copy!

We celebrate the superpower of Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)! Thank you!

When you read a book, our most essential trait – imagination – is given the opportunity to soar.

St. Augustine

About the Author

J.M. Kiss is a great many things! But her favorites are wife and mother as you will learn as you read her books. Her family inspires her. Besides her boys she has many ‘kids’ that call her mom and her love for them is just the same as if they were hers. Her arms are always open to be a safe place for love and care. Her table always has food to fill each belly. And her home has been a place of rest and peace. Her stories shine lights on struggles that many kids face, ones that adults often overlook. It has been her mission to sit with those in their storms and weather it alongside them, from that many of her books took root.

She wrote her first book, Sir Luke: An Aspergian Tale, as a poem and thought nothing of it. She stuffed it away and forgot it existed. After her family moved, it was unearthed in the unpacking 16 years after it was first written. It was then she saw the possibility of a children’s book. But it wasn’t until 2021, 3 years later, when she suffered a head injury that stopped her life that she embarked on the journey to become an author. Once that decision was made, stories began to come alive before her.

It appears my brain contains a library of books. I just needed to hit my head to get them to come out!

J.M. Kiss

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