prayer for this week, and for my future

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I believe in God but my faith has wavered significantly. However, the people whom I love most in my life love God and pray often, so I am doing my best to follow in their stead.

I’m struggling with an eating disorder and am going to go into a treatment facility from 12/16-1/15, 30 days. I am scared of gaining weight and scared of being isolated from family during the holidays. Please pray that I stay the whole time, and that I finally realize that my body is not out to get me.

I am also struggling with my sexuality and why I can’t seem to find someone to be a forever partner with me. Please pray that I get one step closer to finding my person, and that I find happiness.

Also, if I can get one more request in: I need to increase my income but have only made one sale from my artwork this month. Please pray that sales increase and that I can have a little cushion to start my final semester in January off with.

Thank you for your time. Peace be with you. <3

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