Hello, my name is Clint. I am asking that you pray for something that I’m desperate for. My girlfriend Ivy and I have been in a long distance relationship for five years now. Her parents appear to hate my guts due to some photos we were sharing with each other three and a half years ago. I ask that her parents will forgive me, come to want to know me, accept me, and give me the invitation to come down to Florida so I can see my girlfriend and allow the two of us to get married and moved in together. I’m desperate for this and I ask that you pray for supernatural favor between me and her family, because they are the key if I ever want to see her in person. Please also pray for me too in that I can break all of my bad habits and addictions. In particularly for my bad money spending habits and tobacco addiction. But overall I just need prayer desperately for Ivy and I to be finally married and moved in together. I’m wanting that more than anything else in my life right now and I ask that you pray that it becomes a reality. And just pray that her parents will drop this grudge that they’ve held against me and that they will actually start caring about Ivy’s future and happiness with someone she loves, in particularly with me. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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